Awards Eligibility Post 2016

I'm using busywork to stave off some unpleasantness today, so have an awards eligibility 2016 post. This year's writing has felt more personal than the last for one reason or another. 

Breathe - Clarkesworld

A second-person experiment in atmosphere. Breathe is sci-horror that plays with the claustrophobia of colossal spaces, recalling my own fear of drowning. If you read it, I recommend taking a breathe every time you're told. It adds to the experience. (Also, Kate's narration of this is superb.)

Hammers on Bone -

My debut novella. Hammers on Bone blends cosmic horror with neo-noir, drawing inspiration from a real-life story. You can read the first chapter if you go to the link above. 

Speak - Fireside Fiction

Prose poetry, jagged and angry. It is a cyberpunk shriek against the media, encapsulating a lot of my feelings towards how online news outlets are structured. Of all the stories I've had published this year, this is the one I wish had more attention. 

Some Breakable Things - The Dark

Hauntings, frighteningly autobiographical, easily the rawest thing I've written. I wrote the day that I learned that my father died. See also: The Things We Never Said 

And in Our Daughters, We Find Our Voice - The Dark

An incredibly bloodied take on the Little Mermaid story.

Degrees of Beauty - Terraform

I liked how the editor described it, so just going to C&P it here: 

In the age of lifestyle Pinterest and streaming reality tv, the beauty industry has never been more savage, self image more under siege. Today's dispatch is a razor-sharp look at a future ruled by vanity, biohacking, and fashion vlogs. Enjoy. -the editor