Agents and me

I’ve had surprisingly good luck with agents, for someone who doesn’t actually have (a) debut novel(s) primed and waiting in the wings, and who has only ever written a query letter once.

Despite all of this obstacles, however, I’ve managed to gain some attention. As some of you already know, I was briefly tied with Red Sofa Literary, who I'll forever love for giving a chance to an unproven writer. Unfortunately, through no fault of the parties involved, that didn’t quite work out the way we’d all hoped and we parted ways.

Which brings me to the next bit. You know how I said “agents” at the very beginning of this post? That wasn’t a typo. Following my departure from Red Sofa Literary, I had the good fortune of meeting Michael Curry from Donald Maass Literary Agency. (Yes. Those people. The ones who rep Elizabeth Bear and Saladin Ahmed and Jim Butcher and other important people like that. OH GOD.) Several rounds of emails followed. Long, detailed rounds of email. One thing led to another, and I’m happy to announce I've officially signed on with Donald Maass Literary Agency.

Holy crap, I’m signed with Donald Maass Literary Agency. (Is that the term? I don’t even know what the correct term is.)

Holy crap, I'm sharing an agent with THE Brooke Bolander, who wrote my favorite cyberpunk thing of 2015.

Holy crap.

PS: I’m also excited about a sale that I can’t announce for at least a few weeks yet, a round table with some people who I respect massively, and and --