Five Ambient Noise Generators For When You Don't Want To Leave Home

So, after finishing off a few interviews today, I decided to check out ambient noises for a project I’m contemplating. This, of course, led me to Rainy Cafe, which has been my go-to for years now. But because I inevitably get curious about these days, I started meandering through the Internet to see what other options are available.

Holy shit. There are a lot of them.

Since it’d be uncouth to keep them for myself, I’m sharing five of my favorites from the Internet. May these wonderful websites keep you company on days when you don’t feel like leaving for a cafe.

Rainy Cafe
No fuss, no muss. Rainy Cafe is the most straightforward ambient noise generator you can find. There are two settings: rain and and cafe. You can adjust the volume for these two variables, but that’s all the customization you get. Perfect for those who aren’t looking for a specific experience.

Hipster Sound
Now, we’re getting fancy. Hipster Sound is like Rainy Cafe, except that hipster sound comes with a lot of settings. For the price of absolutely nothing at all, you can choose between: a cafe in Texas, a cafe in Paris, and a restaurant at an undisclosed location. Much like before, you can customize your virtual locations. Hipster Sound provides some interesting settings. For example, that restaurant you’re hanging out in? You can decide whether it is in the countryside, perched on a snowy ledge, or a night club somewhere splendid. Similarly, you can opt to have someone play something on the piano in your Parisian cafe.

A Soft Murmur
Even fancier than the last two, A Soft Murmur takes us out of human-operated eateries and into the wilderness. With this noise generator, you won’t just be able to listen to the sounds of a coffee shop. No, you’ll be able to add singing bowls, thunder, fire, crickets, and a myriad of other things in any combination you like.

And now we’re getting slightly silly, which is to say that if there’s a soundscape you have in mind, myNoise probably has it. The site, which is unfortunately running low on money, includes an absolute fuck-ton of possibilities. Want to write as you pretend you’re on the bridge of a space ship? Sure thing. Need the rhythms of a Japanese Garden? Got you covered, bro. Cat noises? Yeap. 

Have you ever wanted to pretend you’re sleeping next to Dean Winchester from Supernatural? Really? Did you want a customizable ambient mixer to go with your experience? Well, do I have news for you. Ambient-Mixer has some, uh, truly mind-boggling options to choose from. Enjoy. I am totally not judging you from behind my screen.